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Learn Turkish in Turkey

Relax and Learn Turkish

Exclusive Mendos Language Center.

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Away from the busy life up on the hill above Fethiye lies our little language center. We only have one guest villa so you are assured of a relaxing time and individual attention to your tuition needs.

The most effective and beneficial way to learn Turkish is by taking a Turkish language course here in Turkey.

Your superb accommodation is our guest villa which is very comfortable and has wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, mountains and of course Fethiye bay with its many islands.

We are situated on the lower slopes of Mount Mendos and nestled among Olive groves and village homes. We have a natural spring just around the corner from the villa and excellent walks starting right from your doorstep.

The guest villa comprises of 2 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with jacuzzi and showers. The main living area has a full kitchen so if desired self catering meals can be prepared easily. The lounge area has two sofas which convert to double beds which mean that the villa can comfortably accommodate six people.

Why Exclusive?
We only have the one quest villa. This ensures that you have as relaxing a holiday as you desire. Together with the ability to concentrate on your study without the usual distractions of a busy holiday resort.

Additionally it means that we are able to focus on providing top quality service to you, our only guests. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Exclusive Cuisine
My wife Nilufer prepares the most delicious meals from a variety of cuisines including Turkish, French, English and Swiss. Meals need to booked in advance as only fresh ingredients are used.

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Available All Year Round.

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The villa is fully air conditioned and comfortable all year round.

We usually have mild winters so throughout the whole year the balconies and terraces can enjoyed for sitting and reading or just enjoying the views.

The main terrace to your villa gives you a birds eye view over Fethiye and is a delightful area to dine or relax, read a book or chat with friends.

Our private swimming pool is deep enough to dive and enjoy a refreshing swim. Or just relax in the hammock and enjoy the view !

Easy access to mountain or waterside walks make this an ideal location both a quality vacation and a learning center.

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The gardens contain many flowers which often attract butterflies adding to the natural beauty of this peaceful part of Fethiye.[/Dblock]
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For more information about your villa accommodation:
Its called Mendos Villa, See photos and full details here: Mendos Learning Center Accommodation

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Turkish Tuition Course

My wife has been teaching Turkish to English, French, Austrian and Swiss citizens for several years and together we have developed a very effective and yet relaxed method of tuition.

The Turkish lessons are comprised of elements and techniques from the Canadian Institute and Accelerated Learning courses to present a well rounded, very effective and comfortable learning experience.

Turkish Language Course Structure

A typical day would be as follows:
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Prior to breakfast you may like to swim, take a morning walk or relax on the terrace.

Your day of learning starts with breakfast at around 9.00 am where you are encouraged to use a few basic sentences. Turkish as well as English/European breakfast can provided. As breakfast is served we will help you with some vocabulary.

From 10.00 am - 12.30pm, formal lessons are presented with plenty of interaction to accelerate your learning. Nobody is "pushed", everyone is made to feel comfortable and helped to make progress with interesting, effective methods.
The lessons are tailored to your individual language level.
This morning session includes two 15 min refreshment breaks.

Break for lunch.

If a practice excursion is scheduled:
From 2.00pm - 2.30pm Rehearsal for Trip.
Visit to open air market etc. Return about 5.00pm
Shared review of your observations and questions
answered ( a very beneficial part of the program ).

If center based learning is scheduled:
From 3.00 am - 5.00pm, conversational exercises,
word games, Turkish culture explanations.

Evening is free time.

However, you will have some assignments and we recommend
that you spend at least one hour for the assignment and
some time for revision and preparation of the following
days study material.

On some evenings a Turkish couple or family will join us
for a beer or coffee, giving you the opportunity to listen
to naturally spoken Turkish and practice your conversation.

Each day you benefit from at least five hours of instruction and practical help in learning the Turkish language. This highly developed system is designed to be fun, relaxed and comfortable but at the same time extremely effective.

Our specialised methods of tuition along with the high standard of accommodation makes this a truly unique place to learn and develop your Turkish language.

Intensive Turkish Learning
Our course provides 5 hours of tuition each day with an hour free for lunch. It focuses on integrating all the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, with lots of practice and conversational examples.

The emphasis is on communication skills, improvement in fluency and confidence in speaking Turkish. We teach students how to speak the language accurately and fluently from the first lesson!

Rather than following a rigid course from Tomer or Rosetta Stone, we have carefully prepared a program of interactive sessions developed using "Accelerated Learning" methods with different combinations of pronunciation, speaking, grammar, writing, listening, vocabulary-building and conversational sessions.

You are able to rapidly master core the language skills with our system of learning. We also incorporate word games and activities to help your mind absorb and remember vocabulary. You will learn thousands of words as part of your course with us.

Turkish Culture & Language.
We combine your intensive learning course with practical conversational excursions. These not only help you practice the language but also give you opportunity to absorb and understand the culture of the Turkish way of life.

Idioms are probably the most beautiful and colorful characteristic of the Turkish language. There is an idiom for probably every occasion that will fully capture the idiosyncrasies of life in Turkey. As part of our course we teach you many Turkish sayings so that you can express yourself the way Turks do !

In addition we invite native Turkish couples or families to the center for you to gain additional exposure to both the language and the culture. They will chat with you generally and help you to get used to Th rhythm of the Turkish language. If you have a specific subject you would like to talk about, this can usually be included in the evenings' informal arrangement.

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Practical Learning Trips

In addition to formal lessons, we carefully arrange visits to local traditional events where you will be able to practice your Turkish.

Before the visit, the preceding lesson rehearses some phrases and vocabulary which can be appropriately used.

Such places as the local open air market, fish farms, and nearby villages are ideal locations to help you use the Turkish language you are learning.
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Language Classes & Pricing

Residential Intensive Turkish.
Courses are usually held in weekly blocks, running Monday-Sunday.
Generally a two week program is most beneficial.

Additional days can be added to a weekly block when booking.

Discounts are applied for group bookings up to a maximum of six people.
Course blocks longer than one week are also discounted. See Table.

Our residential courses are priced to give you first class, effective tuition with very comfortable accommodation at competitive rates.

For a group of 4, taking a two week course, our fees work out at approx 100 Euro
per day per person and that includes 5 hours tuition, accommodation, breakfast,
lunch and local trips.

So you could say that our lessons work out at less that £17 / hour
(20 Euro/hr) with accommodation and meals for free

The fees include accommodation, breakfast and midday lunch and all tuition.
A one week course includes 7 nights accommodation and 6 days of at least 5 hours tuition per day.
Local trips for practical conversation are also included.

Extra activities, meals taken outside, trips and excursions, if desired would be extra.
Evening meals and drinks are not included but can be ordered additionally when required.

Book early as we only have very limited space.

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Booking and Enquiry Form


An Overview of The Turkish Language.

A Glued-up Language
The Turkish language is one of the group of languages using "agglutination" meaning gluing or sticking endings on to verbs or nouns to change the meanings.

These glued on endings are called suffixes.
The suffixes of nouns show "motion towards", "location" and "motion from" the root word.
With verbs the suffixes indicate singular and plural and who is doing the action ( I, you, we, they etc. )

Further suffixes can show the "mood" of the verb : may, might, can, can't, must etc.

Now there is something interesting about the added suffixes, they change in order to harmonize with the root. But they do it according to rules and it is not difficult to learn and it makes the language more pleasing on the ear.

Vowel Harmony:
This is termed Vowel Harmony; the vowels of suffixes must mirror the tone of the final vowel of the root word being suffixed. Sounds complicated ... but it isn't.

Some good news:
There are no gender forms in Turkish like there is in French or Spanish ("le" or "la") . Turkish just uses single word for "he, she, it"

Pronunciation of Turkish is fixed. Unlike English, letters do not change their sound. In Turkish each letter of the alphabet always retains its basic pronunciation. This makes learning to read Turkish much easier than learning to read English.

Once learned, Turkish is a delightful language. It has a rhythm and structure which makes it very interesting and a pleasure to communicate with.

For more information about the Turkish language please see how "Resources" links below.


We look forward to welcoming you to Turkey.

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