How to Learn Turkish Language
---- Learn Turkish with Effective Tuition Methods in Turkey
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How to Learn Turkish Language

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Learning Turkish
There are thousands of people who are thing of learning Turkish and the get a bit bewildered by the grammar.

Sohow to learn Turkish language


A great way to start learning Turkish is to set yourself a reason goal to learn vocabulary. It should be a set useful words which you can immediately start using. By using them them, you will get that feel good factor which we all enjoy when we feel that we are making progress and have accomplished something.

So which words and how many of them?

I think a good goal is 100 words.
You can comfortably practice 10 a day, so in ten days you can achieve this goal.

Here is the sets of vocabulary that I would use:

Group 1) Greetings:
Learn the Turkish words for:
Hello, Good morning, Good evening, How are you, I am well,
Good bye, Take care, See you tomorrow, What is your name?, My name is.

Group 2) Questions & Replies:
Yes, No, What, Where, Who, When, How, How much, How many, Whats the Time.

Group 3) Requesting:
I want, Give me, This, That, Can I, What is this, Which one, Thank you, Please, Sorry.

Group 4) Opposites:
Hot/cold, Up/down, Open/closed, Big/Smail, Good/bad

Group 5) More Opposites:
And/or, Nice/ugly, New/old, Tall/short, Exists/Not exists

Group 6) Where is ...:
Where is: Hotel, Room, Money, Hospital, Toilets, Chemist, Taxi, Cafe, Bar, Town center

Group 7) Travelling:
Street, Left, Right, Near, Far, Ticket, Train, Airport, Bus Station, Straight ahead.

Group 8) Week Days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Week, Month, Year.

Group 9) Months of the Year:
Well I don't need to write them out !!

Group 10) Numbers:
One to Ten, Hundred, Thousand, Million, Half, Quarter.

Well if you learn these groups of words within 10 days and keep practicing
them you will have made a good start. And we'll give you a free bottle
of wine when you come for a weeks intensive Turkish lessons.
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