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The route runs from Fethiye to Antalia over undulating and rugged countryside.The trek is officially graded medium to hard and it is recommended to walk the trail in spring or autumn as it gets very hot during the summer months.

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Personally I think April - May is the absolute best time to hike in Turkey as the vistas are so green having been refreshed by the winters rainfall. At this time of year there is an abundance of wild flowers, in fact Turkey has more varieties of wild flowers than the whole of Europe put together

Lycia comes from the ancient name for the Tekke Peninsula, which protrudes out into the beautiful Mediterranean sea. The forested coastline gives way to steep mountains and the route winds in and out of the valleys and peaks leaving you with breathtaking views of bays and islands.

Most trekkers start from Fethiye where, as you rise up the hill towards Kayakoy, you are rewarded by stunning views of the gulf of Fethiye with its many islands, bays and the long stretch of Calis beach. The route continues past Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley and then on towards Patara, Kalkan, Kas and Finike. From here on the Lycian Way heads towards Olympos and Cirali until finally emerging at Antalia.

It is a long path but there are frequent convenient places to camp as well as pansions (bed and breakfast) and some hotels.

One of the high points of the walk is that it passes through so many antique sites of villages and towns which date back thousands of years. You will see many tumble down stone houses with animal shelters made on the ground floors. Most of these are actually relatively recent as they are left over from Greek settlements that were still flourishing up until 1923. It was then that the Turkish and Greek governments agreed on doing a population swap!

Today, the landscape is dotted with many small isolated villages and single-home farm who live from the produce of the land. In the past, however, the coastline was dominated by large cities with harbors, bathhouses and even theaters. This is the land which Alexanda the Great visited and left his mark.

Credit for the opening of the Lycian Way goes to Kate Clow and Terry Richardson who designed and signposted the entire route. After moving to Turkey in 1989, Kate Clow began exploring walking routes in 1992. Later in 1997 she managed to win an award from Garanti bank enabling her to finance the opening up and marking of the complete route in 1999.

One of the incredible highlights of the route is the flames of Chimera. These continuously burning flames which are seen over the whole side of a mountain are the result of escaping natural gas that rises from the earth. It makes an awe inspiring sight at night time.

The ancients believed that the flames were caused by a monstrous creature that lived inside the mountain called a Chimera. The mountain of Chimera is very close to the idyllic ruined city of Olympos where you can spent a night or two in tree houses that are rented to back-backers. During July and August thousands of baby Hawksbill turtles break free from their sand buried eggs and rampage down towards the surf - an amazing sight if you are around in those summer months!

Photographs of this amazing route and it's breathtaking views can be seen on the trekking holiday web page of the Guide to Fethiye.

The Fethiye Guide also contains details of other walking routes that include spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea and the Akdaglar mountains
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