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This report is mainly about long distance trekking in Turkey but before we go into detail, WE want to point out that there are excellent trekking opportunities right next to our guest villa here on the slopes of Mendos Mountain.

You really should consider the best villa for trekking:

Its called Mendos Villa, See photos and full details here: Perfect Villa Rental

This is ideal for short walks of a few hours to longer 2-5 day trekking experiences.

Turkey has five long distance trekking routes plus a collection of shorter trails: The Lycian Way –opened in 1999, The St Paul Trail –opened in 2004 and the Kaçkar trails –opened in 2008, were all made by Kate Clow.

The first two are about 500km long. Kate Clow with help from Terry Richardson researched designed and implemented all these trails. Many other volunteers helped.

Both long-distance trails are 'way-marked' with red-white paint flashes every 100m or less. The Kaçkar trails are not waymarked, since they are snow-covered for many months of the year. All are described in the guide books and maps.

The long-distance trails are fully authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Culture.

There is a new route, called the Evliya Çelebi Way and ir runs from the Sea of Marmara to İznik, Bursa, Kütahya, Afyonkarahısar and Uşak, following the route and narrow paved roads used by Evliya as he set out on a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1671.

The route can be traveled by horse, as Evliya did, as well as on foot. The project was initiated and implemented by Ottoman Historian Caroline Finkel. There is book to be published shortly.

The Way Marking makes it easy to follow the route. Paths are way-marked in red and white stripes to Grande Randonnee standards. Both long-distance routes have yellow and green signposts at the junction of the route with metalled roads.

Cultural Routes in Turkey:
There are several "cultural routes" that have been established.

Independence Way - the trail used to supply arms to Mustafa Kemal’s fighters during the War of Independence, it runs from İnebolu to Kastamonu, north of Ankara.

Yenice Forest Trails - between Ankara and Istanbul, these easy, but beautiful trails through mixed forest can be walked or biked. An arboretum and canyons add variety.

Eskipazar Trail - an extension to the ruins of Hadrianoupolis.

Küre Mountain Routes - Canyon and Forest Trails through a National Park in north Turkey.

(All the above waymarked trails can be combined in a 500 km walk - there are guide books to all these trails).

Phrygian Way - a 400km trail through the heartlands of the Phrygian kingdom, passing royal tombs, fairy chimneys and using old roads. Currently being waymarked.

The Hittite Routes - 230km of marked trails suitable for biking and walking, in and around the Hittite National Park and sites at Boğazkale, east of Ankara. Opening on 15th May; waymarked with a book and maps.

The Sultan’s Trail - an ambitious international route from Vienna to İstanbul, following the steps of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. Opened in 2011, a guidebook is available in Dutch.

The Abraham Path - the first part of the journey of Abraham from Urfa (his birthplace in Southeast Turkey) to Hebron and Mecca. This project is being developed by an international team.
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