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A Mount Mendos Villa holiday is like a once-in-a-lifetime vacation where you can enjoy both the modern luxuries of a private swimming pool, jacuzzi and air conditioning as well as "old Turkey" without the mass of tourists milling about. In this report we look at how to: Book Rental Villa in Fethiye.

The village of Hıdırlık, Fethiye with its own natural spring has been home to pretty much one extended family since it was settled about 70 years ago.

Our guest villa will provide all of the comforts of home and the opportunity to take the short walk to "Mount Mendos" for mountain walks or trekking.

Its called Mendos Villa, See photos and full details here: Perfect Villa Rental

There are also many other activities to enjoy or you can just relax and enjoy the magnificent views of Fethiye Bay, Calis and the 12 Isalands.

The temperature in Fetiye Town center gets pretty high ( into 40s C ) but fortunately we enjoy a gentle mountain breeze most of the summer which makes our villa much more comfortable than accommodations.

Within easy reach of the popular coastal resorts of either Olu Deniz or Fethiye, you can also find the old Greek settlement known as Kayakoy.
Here you will be shown you an aspect of life in the Aegean region of Turkey that is more typically found in the towns and villages scattered throughout the rugged countryside spreading inland. Cottage rentals can be found in Kayakoy and they are generally entirely in-keeping with their peaceful rural rustic surroundings. Although they are a little bit isolated and without the modern conveniences some chose to rent one in order to seek a truly authentic experience of the country customs and traditions that still exist in this picturesque corner of Turkey.

Holiday accommodation in the form of Villa rental in Fethiye with private pool and plenty of modern luxuries and conveniences is very enjoyable.

In situations of quiet seclusion overlooking the breathtaking landscapes of a wooded valley and with views of the bays of Fethiye, apartments, cottages or villa rentals around in Fethiye provide the perfect antidote to any hectic urban routine, particularly when the sun can be relied upon to shine in Turkey virtually all year round This provides an ideal excuse to rent holiday accommodation in Fethiye whenever you feel the need for a complete change of scenery.

The surroundings of our little village on the slopes of the Mendo mountain are a beautiful sight to behold making a our Mendos Villa holiday the perfect choice for those who love painting, drawing and photography. Other activities available in the area include walking, cycling, tennis, swimming, fishing, horse riding and paragliding.

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If you are now considering booking our wonderful holiday rental villa then you will be pleased to hear that you will be able to experience hot summers and warm winters. The warmest months of the year to have a Villa holiday tend to be July and August when the temperature rises to around 40°C during the daytime. The cooler months of December, January and February see the daytime temperature drop to around 10°C and 15°C.

Travelers to a Fethiye Turkey holiday will likely arrive at Dalaman Airport (DLM) which is approximately 37 miles away from the village. Air operators that offer frequent, affordable flights to this region include Thomson Flights, Jet2, BMI and Monarch Airlines. Passengers can leave the UK from various UK airports including Leeds (LBA), Manchester (MAN), Glasgow (GLA), Newcastle (NCL) and London Heathrow (LHR).
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