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Villa Rent Fethiye

Exclusive Mendos Villa.


Your exclusive accommodation is in our guest Villa which you can rent in Fethiye. It is very comfortable and has wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, mountains and of course Fethiye bay with its many islands.

We are situated on the lower slopes of Mount Mendos and nestled among Olive groves and village homes. The natural spring just around the corner has provided fresh clean mountain water to generations of local villages. Of course we now have piped city water as well ! If you enjoy walking, you can access many excellent walks starting right from your doorstep.

Villa Rental Fethiye Turkey.

The guest villa comprises of 2 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with jacuzzi and showers. The main living area has a full kitchen so if desired self catering meals can be prepared easily. The lounge area has two sofas which convert to double beds which means that the villa can comfortably accommodate six people.

Why Exclusive?
We only have the one quest villa. This ensures that you have as relaxing a holiday as you desire. It also means that we are able to focus on providing top quality service to you, our only guests. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Villa Rent Fethiye.

Exclusive Cuisine
My wife Nilufer prepares the most delicious meals from a variety of cuisines including Turkish, French, English and Swiss. Meals need to booked in advance as only fresh ingredients are used.

Available All Year Round.


The villa is fully air conditioned and very comfortable all year round. This Villa Rental in Fethiye is therefore available anytime of the year.

We usually have mild winters so throughout the whole year the balconies and terraces can enjoyed for sitting and reading or just enjoying the views.

Holidays in Fethiye are enjoyable at any time of the year. Even in winter the daytime temperature is usually around 12-15C and sunny providing a much welcomed change to the European winter.


The main terrace to your villa gives you a birds eye view over Fethiye and is a delightful area to dine or relax, read a book or chat with friends.

If you enjoy walking and trekking then the surrounding hill and mountains offer a variety of walks from gentle short walks to more arduous treks to the top of Mount Mendos. Autumn, winter and spring offer the best climate for enjoying these walks. The hill and mountain walks can start directly from your villa.


Private Swimming Pool

Our private swimming pool is deep enough to dive, do acrobatics and have a great time.

The pool is also long enough to enjoy a good refreshing swim. Our guests always find the pool an important element of their stay as it helps to provide relaxation or excitement in the privacy and safety of the villa grounds.

Or just relax in the hammock and enjoy the view !


Family Holiday Friendly

Due to the private nature of the villa, the location makes it ideal for a family vacation, giving the family the space to spend some quality time together.

The Villa Pool

Unlike manu hotel and villa pools, our swimming pooş is deep enough for jumping and diving into.
It has a depth of nearly 3 meters in the deep end.

Family Time in the Villa Pool

The private pool area is ideal for the whole family to enjoy time together. In addition to the pool side sitting area, there is a raised terrace where you can read, enjoy the views, watch the activities in the swimming pool or just sun bathe.

This private terrace area includes a barbecue area making this an excellent family vacation villa.

Inside the air conditioned villa you will find flat screen TV with satellite channels and DVD so if you want to get out of the sun and cool off there are entertainment options.

You also have free WIFI giving everyone access to the internet.

As well as the pool, we have a table tennis table available and four bicycles are also available for your use.


Group of Friends

Alternatively, a group of friends can make the villa a very comfortable base from which to go and enjoy the many activities available to holiday makers here in Fethiye.

Non Smoking

There is a strict no smoking policy for the villa and grounds, so if you are smoker, this villa will probably not suit your needs. Having a non smoking policy ensures that the villa stays fresh and clean for all guests, all the time.

Quiet Location for Couples

Many couples have come by themselves to enjoy the peacefulness of this location, to spend time together, in the pool and enjoy the pleasant mountain walks.

This villa rental in Fethiye is just right to be turned into what ever dream holiday you have in mind.

Glossary of Useful Phrases

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Colourful Scented Gardens

You will enjoy the many small "pocket" gardens around the villa all bursting with color. The flowers and scents combine to produce wonderful peaceful surroundings.

Because of the many flowers we often enjoy different varieties of fethiye butterflies adding to the natural beauty of this peaceful part of Fethiye.

We have fruit trees: Mulberry, Orange, Miniture Orange, and Lemons from which you can eat from or make your own natural refreshing fruit juices.


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Local Activities.

For those that want to get out and about and explore Fethiye with pedal power we have three bicycles available for you to enjoy.

Although we live on the hill, it is not to difficult to go and come with bicycle. Once on the plain, you can cycle into town, over to the beaches at Çaliş and Koca Çalış or to many villages which are local to Fethiye.

Mountain Walks
Pleasant walks and trekking on our own mountain can also be enjoyed directly from your villa. The mountain slopes a full of olive groves, wild flowers absolutely stunning views. Guided walks from 2 to 6 hours duration can be arranged. It is always wise to have good walking shoes, wear sun cream and take plenty of water.

For more adventurous trekking the Lycian Way is close at hand.
Lycia comes from the ancient name for the Tekke Peninsula, which protrudes out into the beautiful Mediterranean sea. The forested coastline gives way to steep mountains and the route winds in and out of the valleys and peaks leaving you with breathtaking views of bays and islands.

Most trekkers start from Fethiye where, as you rise up the hill towards Kayakoy, you are rewarded by stunning views of the gulf of Fethiye with its many islands, bays and the long stretch of Calis beach. The route continues past Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley and then on towards Patara, Kalkan, Kas and Finike. From here on the Lycian Way heads towards Olympos and Cirali until finally emerging at Antalia.

Easy access to mountain or waterside walks make this an ideal location both a quality vacation and a learning center.
For information about learning Turkish please visit this page: Mendos Learning Center


12 Island Boat Tour
We recommend a 12 island boat tour as an excellent day out. This can ether be on one of the large tour boats or a smaller private boat for just the family.


Either way a great day of swimming, snorkeling, exploring the islands and sunbathing can be enjoyed for a modest cost.

Visit the romantic bays of The Mediterranean. You will swim crystal blue turquoise waters. You will laugh, enjoy and dance. Gocek Island, Flat Island, Dockyard Island & Red Island are some of the stops you will visit. You can walk around the islands and swim and get a suntan. In addition, who can refuse a BBQ lunch served on the boat?

Horse Riding
Turkey is an ideal place for horseback riding. Love for horses has always been a part of Turkish culture. In the country’s history, places like Cappadocia were named the Country of Horse.

Horseback riding around Oludeniz, Hisaronu and Kaya Village can be enjoyed along the little pathways surrounded by valleys and a land dotted with olive groves and ancient sites, way up into the rough mountains with breathtaking views.

There are unguided and guided trails, instruction for the less experienced and combinations of sun, sea and riding for more leisurely holidays, swim in the clear blue waters and dry off at an abandoned beach.

 image image


A typical horse riding tour:

Start your tour along cool forest paths, continue over the dunes where you can admire the beautiful views of the 18km beach of Patara.

Pass down the the sea and onto the golden sands of the beach. Break for swimming and refreshments then continue through the dunes and along the farmland of Cayagzi. Back to the club where light snacks and refreshments are available.

For guided horse riding trips we work with Alptug Horse Riding in Patara.

Here you can ride along the sands of Patara Beach & Turkish country side and farmlands.

Western saddles, fully adjustable riding helmets are supplied.

Jeep Safari

A Jeep Safari is a great day out and an exciting way to see the countryside as well as historical monuments and ruins that are scattered throughout the region.

With vacation villas fethiye rental,
this is a typical safari itinerary:

After heading out of Fethiye your have several stopping points.

Stop 1 : Witness an important part of Turkish life first hand at a local mosque.

Stop 2 : The ancient city of Tlos is constructed on the slopes of a steep hill, from which there are amazing views of the surrounding countryside. We stop for a short time at the bottom of the hill to take photos whilst your guide shortly explains the history of ruins, which cover a castle, Lycian rock tombs and a theater. (The climb to Tlos is very challenging, so entry is not a part of our tour).

Stop 3 : It's time for a cold and refreshing drink in the idyllic forest surroundings of the trout farm, where the peace is disturbed only by the sound of rushing water.

Stop 4 :You will see the culture of Turks in carpeting and other fabric matarial.

Stop 5 : Saklikent Canyon is the perfect place to cool off. After a nice lunch, you can walk in the gorge and watch the sky which is narrowing with your each step or you can do rafting on this marvalous river.

Stop 6 : It is time to bath now but this one is different because you will not get clean with this bath. It is one of the famous Fethiye mud baths.

Stop 7 : Find out the ruins of Xanthos, which was the Lycians' political capital, whilst our guide explains the fascinating, sometimes gruesome, history of the once great city.

Stop 8 : We will go to Patara which is the longest beach on Turkey's coast - a wide seashore of white sand as far as the eye can see, lapped by shallow sea. It's also pretty much deserted, so is a perfect place to relax and swim before heading back towards Fethiye.

Stop 9 : Passing through the villages, we have a break for a last swim in a pool, and to wash the jeeps down, before coming back in the resort feeling truly amazed, though perhaps a little dusty and weary, after a day of light-hearted fun and real adventure.

More Activities
There are plenty more activities to take advantage of while you are here in Turkey. These include:

Water sports such as Sailing, Diving, Snorkeling, Jet-Ski and Speed boat hire.
Land and air sports such as Quad biking, Microliting, Parasailing, Trekking.
Sightseeing Tours to Saklikent, Xanthos, Tlos, Patara, Effesos, Cappadocia.
There are also some lovely coves and bays where you can relax and enjoy a private picnic and swimming.

 image image image image

 image image

 image image image image

Prices for Vacation Rentals Turkey
Price is for the Villa.
Between 1 - 6 people.

January-May: 590 GBP per week
June: 790 GBP per week
July & August: 1,250 GBP per week
September: 790 GBP per week
October-December: 590 GBP per week

Services included in rentals

Air conditioning, Electricity, Water and Gas
Welcoming and key handling by our representative at any time you arrive, including early morning
Written and verbal information pack
Bed linens and towels available in the house
Cleaning and tidying before arrival
Mid stay cleaning including change of bed linens and towels available for more than 10 days stays
Your rep is available at 24 hours call number
Maintenance for the house, complex, pool and garden
24 hours security in the complex

Extra services

Private airport transfers, 40 GBP one way for up to 6 people.
Car rental, brand new cars for 165 GBP per week
Starter pack of food and beverage for late night & early morning arrivals, 15 GBP

Bed Linens and Towels

All bed linens and towels are provided.

Cleaning and Bed Linen Changes & towels

The house is cleaned and the beds and towels are made ready before arrival and after departure. If you stay more than 10 days, then you have, in the middle of your stay, a mid stay cleaning service including change of bed linens and towels, free of charge. If you stay more than 2 weeks, then the mid stay cleaning service is repeated every week.

Home and Kitchen Equipment

Satellite TV, DVD Player
Fridge, Washing machine
Oven, Stove, Microwave, Kettle, Toaster
Cooking pots and utensils; plates, glasses, cutlery, etc.
Iron, Iron board, Hairdryer

External Equipment
Balcony and Terrace.
Dining table and chairs.
Private sun loungers.


Dalaman Airport, 49 km; 40 minutes drive

Nearest beach
Several Coves, Bays and Calış Beach are with 10-15 drive.

Center (restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and all amenities)
Approx. 2km

Market shops
Market shop 200 meters: 2-5 minutes walk

2 km; 10 minutes by local transports

Olu deniz (Blue Lagoon)
15 km; 25 minutes by local transport

Local transports
Minibuses (Dolmush) between Calis Beach and Fethiye pass every 5 minutes nearby the complex


The simple procedure for booking is as follows:

1. Use the booking form below to advise us of the your preferred arrival and departure dates. We will provisionally reserve your dates and advise you of it by return email. Please book as early as possible.

2. You send the 40% of the rental cost, as the booking deposit, into our bank account or online via Paypal.

3. We confirm your booking and send you your booking voucher upon receipt of the booking deposit.

4. The balance of rental cost and the cost for any extra service if required are charged cash on your arrival.

Payments can be made in GBP, Euros or US Dollars

Breakage deposit equivalent to 100 GBP is charged from the guests on arrival and refunded upon the satisfactory property inspection before departure.

Prices for Vacation Rentals Turkey
Price is for the Villa.
Between 1 - 6 people.

January-May: 400 GBP per week
June: 500 GBP per week
July & August: 800 GBP per week
September: 600 GBP per week
October-December: 500 GBP per week

Owner: David & Nilufer Bird.
London Address:
101 Avondale Road
London N15 3SR

Tel. 00 90 532 761 5527
Email: dave.fethiye at gmail dot com

Villa Address:
Mendos Villa
334 Sokak, Patlangic
Fethiye, Turkey

Or simply use the booking form below.

Booking Form



Basically the check-in time is 3pm and the check-out time is 10am. However we aim to be as flexible as possible.

If you would like us to arrange your airport transfers, our driver will welcome you at the airport, holding a clear sign with your name written on it, he will then bring you direct to the villa.

We will welcome you at your holiday home and assist you settle in.

We look forward to welcoming you to Turkey.

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